"When Our Communities Come Together Anything is Possible"

Due to COVID-19 we are all experiencing unprecedented times, these issues are important and I will remain amendable to the recommendations set fourth by Massachusetts Reopening advisory board.


  • Implement the creation of an “Opportunity Fund” to make early education and public higher education affordable to all, paid for by a tax on wealthy private university endowments.
  • Support the amendment to the State Constitution that would create an additional tax of 4% on income in excess of one million dollars to fund quality public education, affordable public colleges and universities.
  • Make high quality early education and care available to all working families.
  • Expand after-school programs.
  • Support mandated full-day Kindergarten at all public schools.
  • Implement increased funding to public schools in your municipal.
  • Expanding EEC (Early Education & Care) vouchers for essential employees.


  • I would support the restoration of full dental benefits for Mass Health recipients.
  • I would support creating a single payer health insurance system in Massachusetts that guarantees access, is publicly administered, and lowers the cost of health care.
  • Create a public private partnership to help find a resolution.
  • Improve Medicare for all and to provide quality, guaranteed, national health insurance.
  • Support mental health reform bill.
  • Create a public private partnership to help find a resolution on healthcare costs.

Supporting Working Families

  • Support efforts to make the Personal Income Tax more progressive by adding additional high-end earner brackets at increased rates, while reducing the tax rate for low- and middle- income taxpayers.
  • Supporting the Safe Community Act (H.3573)
  • Supporting the Work and Family Mobility Act (H.3012)
  • Expanding the essential worker category to include individuals who work for essential businesses i.e pharmaceuticals.


  • I would vote against general fare increases for MBTA and RTA riders and support expansion of reduced fare options such as the MBTA youth pass.
  • I support prioritizing transportation funding for public transportation, walking, and biking investments that reduce greenhouse gas emissions over highway construction.
  • Fixing roads or open streets that make it usable for major traffic.
  • Incorporate healthcare to pay for transportation services for elders.

Climate Change

  • Helping communities shift to a green economy – one that’s low carbon and sustainable, and that provides opportunities for all.
  • I support large-scale changes to our energy system to address climate change and the disparate impacts that environmental justice and frontline communities.
  • I support the Green Budget which includes key priorities to better fund environmental agencies with a goal of 1% of the state budget going to environmental protection and programs.
  • I support the increase in the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) Immediately to target 100% renewable energy by 2035.